Have you ever felt pain in the soles of your feet? Be careful, it might be “policemen heels”, or plantar fasciitis. And as you may have experienced, walking with plantar fasciitis can be quite hellish. You will feel the pain for days, if not weeks. But before you overthink it, there are some things that you need to know about the condition.

It is Common and Easy to Overcome

This problem is also known  as “policemen heels” because it was often found on policemen who had to stand and walk for long hours. These days, everyone who has to stand for a long time or wear high heels are also at risk. One method to relieve pain from plantar fasciitis is to get an ice compress under your feet every night. This compress will relax your muscles and alleviate the soreness. If your pain is severe, then you should see a doctor to get some medication. A physician may also order an ultrasound to better understand the severity of your condition.

Do Not Underestimate the Condition

While it’s true that this health problem is common and considerably easy to overcome, it’s still not a reason for you to underestimate it. When you go without treatment, it might become a serious problem. Many people have reported that walking with plantar fasciitis has changed their daily habits. They claimed that they did not realize the severity until it was too late. You may think that you will need some specific prescription shoes to help when walking with plantar fasciitis. But it’s not true. Only some severe cases will require a special treatment like that. Others treatments include over the counter shoes, which will help support the arch and give you some relief when walking with plantar fasciitis.

No need to be alarmed if your doctor said that your condition has already become severe. You will be treated with medications like steroid injections to alleviate the pain. Of course, you would need to wear insoles on your feet until it’s no longer serious. Walking with plantar fasciitis may be troublesome, but like everything else, there are solutions to overcome it. You just need to do your research in your search for answers.