Tread Labs has released a new insole that claims to relieve and prevent plantar fasciitis. Unfortunately I have not had the opportunity to test these insoles but based on their the tread labs website they will help with plantar fasciitis. It could be worth a try based on some user reviews.

User reviews and comments on tread labs for plantar fasciitis healing and relief

One user of the product writes “…3 weeks of wearing them and my plantar fasciitis isn’t bothering me at all…” and another user writes “…am encouraged that the plantar fasciitis is healing…”

From the Tread Labs site

The Tread Labs Stride insole is the best solution to cure/ prevent plantar fasciitis. Biomechanically designed to support all types of arches – from the flattest of feet to the highest of arches.

Here’s how the Stride differs from an over the counter insole:

• Designed to mimic the comfort and support of a customer orthotic

• 4 Different Arch Heights

• Replaceable top-cover and guaranteed for life arch support.

With a price of $75 it is a bit on the high end, but when I am in bad enough pain I will try almost anything to get some relief. Based on reviews and the site these plantar fasciitis insoles are top quality in material and design which includes:

  • Four arch heights to guarantee a therapeutic fit.
  • Biomechanical support to directly address plantar fasciitis.
  • Durable arch supports with an unconditional guarantee.
  • Replaceable top covers for an inexpensive way to prolong the life of your insoles.

When you try them or if you have tried them leave a comment below and let me know what you think.