Top 5 Men’s Snow Boots for Plantar Fasciitis

When you have plantar fasciitis, finding footwear that will provide comfort can be challenging. Boots are no exception. In fact, they have more boxes to check off as they also need to be warm without being stuffy. All this while providing you support throughout the day running errands or while on a grand snow shoeing hike. After all, you want nothing but comfort while running your tasks during a snowy day.

We have done research comparing the best rated snow boots and came up with five brands we recommend.

Top 5 Men’s Snow Boots Summary

1) Orthofeet Hunter

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Pain Relief Arch Support Orthopedic Wide Diabetic Arthritis Mens High Top Boots Hunter

ORTHOFEET Wide Mens High Top Boot

Orthofeet is a brand that specialized in providing specific footwear that would help people who have been suffering from various feet-related health issue. These boots boast ample layers of padding that will keep your feet warm.

User Comments

“…These are life changing! They really do take the pain away!…”

“. Quality product and material, fits great…”

“…great arch support and cushioning…”

.”..  As someone who is on concrete all day these have been very comfortable so far. The extra width had been helpful, having Fred Flintstone feet! …”

Key features:

  • Extra wide option
  • Wide toe box for extra comfort
  • Comfortable for heavy duty all day long

2) Propet Men’s Blizzard

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Propet Men's Blizzard

Propet Men’s Blizzard Mid Lace Snow Boot

Propet’s Blizzard range offers affordable boots for all your needs. This mid lace snow boot is well-cushioned with tall collar that also have extra insulated padding. The rubber sole is also flexible that you can use them right away with minimum break-in time.

User Comments

“Great fit.”

“Very Comfortable shoes. Give nice ankle support…”

“Better quality than expected for the price…”

“…Good value for occasional bad weather use. …”

Key features:

  • Thick padded collar
  • Offers small size
  • 100% leather

3) ORTHOFEET Highline

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Orthofeet Top Boots Highline

ORTHOFEET Top Boots Highline

Another boot by Orthofeet that guaranteed won’t make you writhe in pain even when you must stand all day long. These boots best feature is that they are made from durable leather that you can take both indoor and outdoor.

User Comments

“…The quality is very good and they don’t look like orthotic shoes at all. I would highly recommend this shoe to anyone with foot pain. …”

“Only been 3 days but knees much improved and heel pain gone!!!!”

“These are probably the most comfortable shoes I own. ”

“… very light and super comfortable.”

Key features:

  • Sleek design
  • Thick padding
  • Extra wide option
  • Very lightweight

4) Z-CoiL Outback Hiker

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Z-CoiL Pain Relief Footwear

Z-CoiL Pain Relief Footwear Black Boots

These boots claim to be the most sought after. With their patented coil technology in the heels, your feet will never be more comfortable. The thick insoles also increase the shock absorption up to 50, which means virtually no pain for you while you walk.

User Comments

“…I have worn the Z CoiL the last 3 days and has dramatically reduce the pain of my heel spurs…”

“These shoes made walking around and standing on concrete for 12 hours a day not seem so bad.”

“…I have joint pains in my ankle, knees & hips. These shoes really help me walk miles and miles….”

“…This is my fourth pair of Z- Coils that I use for work and are worth the price…“

Key features:

  • Patented extra coil in the heels
  • Wide toe box
  • High shock absorbent

5) BIGU Snow Boots

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Men's Winter Shoes Slip-on Resistant Booties Ankle Boots

RQWEIN Men’s Winter Snow Boots

These boots may be on the lower end of pricing scale, but the quality speaks for itself. Durable with stylish design that still give enough space for your insoles and cushions when you need one. The fur lining and inside ensure your feet will stay warm.

User Comments

 “…my husband like them a lot he always complains of cold fit, this booties keeps his feet warm and they are comfortable…”

” …perfectly, warm, and comfortable….”

Key features:

  • Fully fur inside
  • Anti-slip soles
  • Stylish design