Dealing with plantar fasciitis can be quite difficult and impairing. However, this medical condition is treatable. There are many ways to help you in dealing with the issue. There are shoes and other footwear that specifically designed to help you relieve the pain on your plantar fascia. Also, there are foot massagers that will save you a lot of time from having to go to the masseuse and get an appointment for a foot massage.

Convenience VS Affordability

If you are looking for a machine or a massager, then the first question you should ask yourself is how much you need the machine. They might not cost a lot, but they are still an investment either way.

If your plantar fasciitis is severe enough and needs regular massaging, then you could look for a massager that made from wood and light enough to fit your bag. This portable massager will work its magic even when you are at work. During your break, you can always use it to roll underneath your feet. And the best part is that they are quite cheap.

Recommended Electric Massagers

theraflow small portable wooden foot massager

TheraFlow Foot Massager Roller Small Travel Size

  • small very portable
  • under $10 (at time of this writing)
  • made to target arches
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theraflow wooden dual massager

TheraFlow Foot Massager Roller Dual Wooden Rollers

  • medium sized, but still portable
  • Dual rollers do both feet same time
  • made to target arches
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theraflow large multiple wooden massage rollers

TheraFlow Large Dual Foot Massager Roller

  • large dual whole foot rollers
  • anti flooring slip – so it won’t slide while your using
  • made to target even high arches
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Another option, of course, is to get a more expensive machine with electric and adjustable intensity, which is more suitable for at-home use.

Recommended Wooden and Portable Foot Massage Machine for Plantar Fasciitis

gideon shiatsu acupuncture foot massager

Gideon Shiatsu and Acupuncture Foot Massager with Infrared Heat

  • 360° Massaging Rollers
  • Acupuncture Pressure Points
  • Infrared Heat Therapy
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nektech foot massager kneading

Nekteck Foot Massager Kneading Shiatsu Therapy

  • Heat settings
  • 6 massage heads with 18 rotating nodes
  • 3 massage levels
  • portable with built in handle
  • *NOT for high arches
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marnur foot massager shiatsu

MARNUR Foot Massager Shiatsu Deep Kneading Massage

  • 3 Intensity Levels
  • Deep Kneading & Rolling
  • compression air
  • washable cover
  • heating settings
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belmint shaitsu foot massager

Belmint Shiatsu Foot Massager with Switchable Heat Function

  • top of the line, but expensive
  • deep-kneading Shiatsu massage nodes
  • Fully Adjustable Heat and Kneading Settings
  • air compression
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How Foot Massage Machines Work

These massagers will gently massage your tissue deep down to your plantar fascia. The sensation might feel a bit painful for the first few times, but after regular use for several weeks, you will definitely notice the difference. The massagers do not provide shiatsu or other touted practices, but they do give gentle and constant pressure to your heels, which is something that your plantar fascia need.

Some people are surprised at how inexpensive the rollers are. If you are looking for value and easy maintenance, the rollers are the one you should get. However, there’s nothing wrong with investing in some deep foot massage machine, which work well for in-home use.  An added bonus is that they also work for non-plantar fasciitis issues. While foot massagers will not heal your condition, do keep in mind that they will help with pain and support your current treatment.